OG Kush Strain


The common usage of OG Kush includes, depression, anxiety, nausea, pain, loss of appetite. Effects of diablo og are: Postive effects includes; euphoria, relax. Negative effects includes; Dry eyes, cotton mouth.

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush
  • Pine x Earthy x Woody
  • Happy x Euphoric x Relaxing x Sleepy x Uplifted

Og kush Strain Delta 8

Og kush Strain Delta 8 has a THC content of 27%, OG Kush is a good choice to temporarily relief anxiety and depression.

Delta 8 Hemp Flower Production Methods

We produce our OG Kush Delta 8 hemp flowers using 100% solvent-free methods. First, we melt the Delta 8 THC isolate onto the OG Kush CBD flowers. Next, we coat the buds in CBD kief, enhancing the buds with flavorful terpenes and beneficial cannabinoids. Finally, we place the buds in a pressurized container, causing the Delta 8 to bind to the OG flowers.

The final result is a buzzy, spicy, and skunky Delta 8 THC-infused CBD flower that balances a body and head high just right. Combining the actions of 2 potent cannabinoids, CBD and THC, you will feel body tension melt and your spirits rise.

Og kush Strain Delta 8

What is Og kush Strain Delta 8

As the cannabis industry has evolved, more products have entered the market. Delta 8 THC is one such product. Delta 8 THC, also known as delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp or cannabis plants. Cannabinoids are molecular compounds that interact with the human endocannabinoid system.

Every Delta-8 THC vape cartridge contains:


  • Description: Breath and button-activation compatible 510 cartridge with 1000mg/1g total material
  • Serving Size: One puff
  • Servings per Vape Cartridge: varies depending on the size of puffs
  • Coil: Ceramic
  • Tank: Glass
  • Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Delta 8 THC distillate and strain-specific terpenes of your choice

Oz, 1/4, 1/2, 1p


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