koko nuggz thc

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koko nuggz thc

These crispy, berry-infused Koko Nuggz will make your mouth water. These Nuggz are the perfect snack to go with a bake or wake.

Also, KoKo Nuggz THC edibles are cannabis-infused cereal treats. There are eight flavors to choose from. We tried the Chocolate Chip flavor for this review. Imagine Rice Krispy squares, but with Cocoa Puffs cereal. Then you’d get green chocolate. Each jar contains 100mg THC. Each jar contains ten pieces, each with 10 mg of THC.

You should also know that “Koko Nuggz”, which are candy treats, contain no THC. These can be shipped all over the world, but you will need to purchase the KoKo Nuggz THC at a licensed dispensary. You cannot order the THC version online. They look very similar to real cannabis flowers, but will not give the same high-quality experience as the THC version.

The jars are sealed in a screw-top lid and a green wrapper. These are designed to look like frosty cannabis flowers buds. 5.7 ammo

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The products contain a mix of cannabis oil. The products are not available in Indica, Sativa or Hybrid forms.

They are gluten-free, but very sweet and full of sugar. These can cause a sugar rush. If you don’t consume a lot of sugar, they could shock your system. They are also high in saturated fat. They are also low in sodium. They contain milk, so they are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. These products also have artificial colors and flavors, so they are not suitable for anyone looking for a natural cannabis edible. These candies are like candy bars or sodas.

koko nuggz thc koko nuggets weed
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Because they are irregularly shaped, we aren’t sure how they manage to make them similar in size or ensure that each one contains 10mg of THC. These nuggets are difficult to cut in half accurately to obtain a dose of 5 mg. This is due to their irregular shape and the possibility that they could break apart when cut. It would be difficult to do this with a lower dose like 2.5mg.
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