Honey Bun



Honey Bun strain

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For anyone who suffers from mood or attention disorders such as stress, depression, bipolar, or ADHD, this strain offers you the ability to streamline your thoughts and let negativity fall by the wayside. You’ll feel uplifted, yet relaxed, making it ideal for symptoms of the above ailments. Because of its highly energetic nature, this is a great strain for anyone suffering from chronic fatigue or clinical exhaustion. The CBD levels of this strain are almost too low to measure and therefore it is not recommended for anyone who requires CBD for treatment.

Honey Bun strain

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This strain has the ability to alleviate pain and induce relaxation. So if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or pain. Honey Bun strain has a sour earthy scent, and leaves you in relaxed state on consumption. Honey Bun gives you a long lasting celebral buzz. it has a THC content of 20%.


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