Collins Ave


Collins Ave Strain

The Collins Ave strain is another new banger from Cookies that still has a lot of secrecy surrounding it. The information on this new strain is still largely ambiguous. So far, we know that it’s a hybrid strain that comes from crossing Kush Mints 11 with GTI, and then with KM11 again.

About Collins Ave Strain

Although the original breeder of the Collins Ave cannabis cultivar remains unknown, is it believed to come from Florida. Collins Ave is a major thoroughfare in southern Florida. The road runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean in Miami Beach, and was named after John S. Collins, the developer who completed Miami’s first bridge in 1913.

Our Collins Ave was recently released by Cookies. It is a cross of Kush Mints 11 with GTI, and then crossed with Kush Mints 11 again.

Collins Ave Strain

Where The Strain Is Grown

Created by the original California-based breeder of Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is a combination of Kush Mints 11 and GTI. The resulting buds are slightly minty but mostly creamy and a little musky.

Strain Summary

Make Collins Ave a new part of your weekend routine. As a flavorful and unique strain, it’s easy to pair with foods that don’t always go well with other varieties.

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