Cherry Diesel


Chronic fatigue, depression, and stress stand no chance against this secret Cherry Diesel. Because of its energetic properties, those ailments tend to take a backseat to an overwhelming sense of calm, leaving users feeling happy and motivated. If you have trouble focusing or suffer from ADHD or dyslexia, you can find smooth relief from many of your symptoms with Cherry Diesel. Good for use at any experience level, this bud comes with only one warning: if used in excess it has been known to cause anxiety or paranoia.

Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel is a popular cannabis strain, resulted as a cross between its parent’s strains Turbo Diesel and Cherry OG. It is a nearly even hybrid ( 50%/50% Indica to Sativa ratio), with THC levels measured up to 24%.

The buds of this tasty strain are medium-sized, neon green in color, abundantly covered with long bright orange pistils and sticky trichomes.

The aroma and flavor, just like the name suggests, are fragrant, fruity, with pronounced taste and smell of sweet cherries, somewhat earthy, tart, and heavy with diesel.


Cherry Diesel’s dense, resinous buds are recognizable for their deeply fragrant cherry aroma that combines with undertones of diesel fuel. It’s known for being a mentally invigorating strain, perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes. Lineage: Cherry OG crossed with Turbo Diesel
Cherry Diesel Strain

Compounding on Cherry Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel strain is for its well-rounded mind and body effects. It starts as an energizing and uplifting body high, giving consumers an undeniable boost and motivation. It then swiftly follows with a head high, providing mood improvement, increasing creativity, focus, improving brain function, and confirming a sense of happiness and peace. During its peak effects, Cherry Diesel is perfect for socializing, taking on new projects, making art, or brainstorming. After a while, the high transforms into a mellow, slightly sedating bodily sensation, relaxing and calming.

Taste and Smell

This strain is reputed for an ability to improve overall mood and allow both stress and anxiety. To dull as a more contemplative mind takes over. While it’s fans say it can arouse curiosity. It can also enhance focus if you’re trying to zone in on a specific task.

Fans say it can be for a night simply engaging in a hobby. Or out on the town with friends as it will enhance conversations and tends to eliminate social anxiety. Some say this is a great strain to help calm nausea, and after letting Cherry Diesel work its magic for about an hour or so, hunger should creep up.

Because of this, be sure to have some snacks close by and get ready to indulge in enhanced flavors. For anyone searching strains that help with arousal and desire, there’s also been reports that Cherry Diesel helps in this area as well.

THC levels often reach the high 20’s, so novice consumers should take heed and try this strain slowly. It’s been to be a creeper, meaning it’s smart to wait up to a half hour before taking another hit of this strain just to ensure you don’t accidentally overdo it.


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